400 Amp - 19Ħħ RACK-CASE LINE Distribution Box
400 Amp - 19Ħħ RACK-CASE LINE Distribution Box Others Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Pudu Supplier, Supply, Supplies, Manufacturer | Sound Avenue Sdn Bhd

400A PBox, in 29U-high case. Still wondering about how to manage 220kW in complete safety and comfort? Powerbox is the answer.

Power Syntax IN and RESTART lines (standard Power Lock), direct OUT with CEE ( 6 x 16A single phase + 4 x 32A 3PH+N+E + 4 x 63A 3PH+N+E + 2 x 125A 3PH+N+E) and 8  19- pin SSX connectors (standard SOCA) to power 48 channels (direct). All output lines are protected by a combination of MCBs and RCDs against electrical overloads, short circuits, preventing  operators from contact with live parts. In addition:

- analogic voltmeter and commutator for correct power mating.
- Digital multimeter (DMM) with six 3-digit displays for 3-phase voltage and current control..
- Emergency stop button to unlock the general power switch.
- Red pilot-light for IN voltage, green pilot-light for OUT voltage, helping to keep PBox IN and OUT lines well managed.

FRONT (photo 1-2)  
 Protections  no. 1 MCCB 400A 4P 36kA (Main Power) + no. 1 shunt release
 no. 1 MCCB 400A 4P (Restart Power)
 no. 2 RCBO 125A 4P 'C' 500mA (n. 2 CEE 125A 4P+E 400V)
 no. 4 RCBO 63A 4P 'C'   300mA (no. 4 CEE 63A 4P+E 400V)
 no. 4 MCB 32A 4P 'C' + n. 4 RCD 30mA (no. 4 CEE 32A 4P+E 400V)
 no. 8 RCD 40A 4P 30mA + no. 48 MCB 16A 1P+N 'C' (no. 8 Syntax SSX 19 pin)
 no. 6 RCBO 16A 1P+N 'C' 30mA (no. 6 CEE 16A 2P+E  230V)
 Instrumentation  no. 1 analogic voltmeter + no. 1 selector switch (control voltage  Input Power)
 no. 1 digital multimeter LCD graphic display
 REAR (photo 3-4-5)  
 Input power  no. 5 panel drain Power Syntax SPX 400A 'L1-L2-L3-N-E' 400V IP67 **
 Restart Power  no. 5 panel source Power Syntax SPX 400A 'L1-L2-L3-N-E' 400V IP67 **
 Outputs Power  no. 2 CEE 125A 4P+E 400V IP67
 no. 4 CEE 63A 4P+E 400V IP44
 no. 4 CEE 32A 4P+E 400V IP44
 no. 8 Syntax SSX 19 pin IP67 *
 no. 6 CEE 16A 2P+E 230V IP44

RCD Residual current device - MCB Miniature circuit breaker - MCCB Molded case circuit Breaker
RCBO Residual current circuit Breaker -   * Socapex 419 compatible -   ** Veam Powerlock compatible

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