400 Amp Distribution Box
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This product is the evolution of the Rack Standard series, conceived to resolve logistical problems common in applications for TV-broadcast and international sports events.

Our technical research department has developed a particular design which allows forklift or rope loading, easy stacking up for movement, and components protection from lateral shocks. 

Pbox is enclosed in a special stainless steel frame. The frame is electrofused and externally painted in epoxidic powder-based varnishing. It is 106 cm high and can be connected at up to 220 kw in a few minutes, and operated in complete safety.

FRONT (foto 1-2)    REAR (foto 3-4)  
 Protection  1 x MCCB  400A  4P  In  5 x Power Syntax **  SPX 400A  3PH+N+E
   1 x MCCB  160A  4P  Out  5 x Power Syntax **  SPX 400A  3PH+N+E (160A  max.)
   5 x RCBO  100A  4P  Idn (adjustable)    2 x Marechal  80A  400V  5P
   2 x MCB  80A  4P    2 x CEE 17  63A    400V  5P
   2 x MCB  63A  4P    9 x CEE 17  32A    400V  5P
   9 x MCB  32A  3P+N    
   1 x Digital power meter    

RCBO Residual Current Circuit Breaker - MCCB Molded Case Circuital Breaker - MCB Miniature Circuit Breaker -   ** Veam Powerlock compatible

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